Lois Alter Mark
Dishing With Lois Alter Mark The leaves are falling, the temps are dropping, and SeaPak is gearing up for the most-Shrimptacular month yet. As we celebrate National Seafood Month with delicious seafood recipes and easy meal ideas, we’re also saluting moms and their busy, nonstop lives. This month, we’re dishing with writer Lois Alter Mark – wife, mother, outspoken voice and the wit behind Midlife at the Oasis, a blog dedicated to cheering women on as they enter some of their best years yet! A New Yorker through-and-through, Lois spent her early motherhood in the Big Apple with her advertising-exec husband, Michael, and their two kids, Alex and Sara.
Day in the Life
Love What You Do
Lois’ everyday routine is anything but slow, despite the fact her kids have moved out and her husband is “kind of retired” (sshhh, don’t tell him we told you). “Honestly, an average day is 10 hours on the computer,” confesses Lois.
Super Mom
Super Mom
The days of car pool lines and kids’ homework assignments are behind her, but being a working mom was no easy feat. Lois is humble about her experiences as a double-duty mother, crediting her family and her babysitter (who, to this day, is still considered part of the family) for their patience and understanding.
Freezer Finds
Lois is the first to admit she doesn’t prepare elaborate, homemade dinners. She just doesn’t. She is, however, elated when her family sits down for a meal together (no matter how the food got there).
Making Your Mark
Making Her Mark
Lois is a passionate woman who truly enjoys and celebrates life. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does, whether professional obligations as a blogger or responsibilities as a wife and mom. She’s made her mark on the world through her words, and they are powerful. “The most-rewarding thing about blogging is the emails I get from women saying I’ve inspired them to make a difference. They are smart and compassionate and are seizing the opportunity to make a positive impact,” Lois points out.